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2016 Schiedam

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RWV Wandel Weekend
14-15 May 2016

Continental Centurions Qualifying Race

Princess Beatrix Park, Schiedam near Rotterdam
[Kantine handbalvereniging DWS, sportpark Thurlede (Beatrixpar) Parkweg 410, 3121KK]

50 km,  50 EM (80,5 km),  100 km, 100 EM (160,9 km), 24 hours

Starting from 1 January 2016 entry can be pre-registered.
Registration possible till half an hour before the start. Overseas entrants can pay at the start. [no surcharge if  pre-registerd]
Pre-registration closes 1 May 2016

entry forms available January 2016

Enrolment fees:
Distance  With trophee  Without trophee  Surcharge  
100 EM    € 40,00          € 28,00              € 8,00 
24 uur     € 40,00          € 28,00              € 8,00 
100 km    € 30,00          € 19,00              € 5,00 
50 EM      € 20,00          € 11,00              € 3,00 
50 km      € 15,50          € 6,50                € 2,00 

Feeding & First Aid
Every 4 km a feeding station is equipped with sponges, sports drink, bread, fruit, coffee, tea, broth. 
About halfway through the coure there is a sponge post situated (usually with water, fruit juice. 
First aid is available.

During the night hours a reflective jacket is required.


Anyone completing 100 EM (160,928 km) within 24 hours, will receive an awards from RWV (a trophy if requested), a certificate;  Also the 'Continental-Centurion'-pin with engraved number.

Jaap Visser Trofee
The fastest woman or man of 65 years or over who has completed the 100 EM within 24 hours wins the Jaap Visser trophy.

24 hours
Anyone who walks at least 105 km classifies for 24 hours. If the 'Continental-Centurion' limit has been met, classifies one also.

Anyone who has completed 50 EM within 12 hours, receives from RWV the ' Kennedy-vriend'-pin with engraved number.

Cards for Kennedy-walker be stamped. At five stamps of Kennedy-walks (at least three different walks in The Netherlands), the 'Kennedy walker' van be ordered at the KWBN.

Cards for Long-Distance-Walker be stamped. At five stamps of different tours over 100 km in the Netherlands, the 'Long-Distance-Walker'-pin can be ordered at the KWBN.

Participants walking 100 km for the first time in 11 hours and 30 minutes, receive the '100-man'-pin of the Atletiekunie.

At any distance, there is a prize for the first three finishers. In addition, no distinction is made between race (licensed) participants and performance (non licensed) participants. For participation in any of the races, walkers are required to present a competition license. The performance tours, everyone can participate.

Diploma / Trophee
All participants will receive a special diploma with mention of the delivered performance. For those who have registered for that purpose, there is an appropriate trophee.

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