2018 Masters European Championships - Centurions1911

Centurions 1911
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European Masters Athletics Non Stadia Championships
18th-20th May 2018
Alicante, Spain

BMAF Vice- Chairman leads British Walkers to Victory....  and many more Centurions
On the first day of the 3-day European Masters Athletics Non Stadia Championships in Alicante, three times Olympian and Centurion 1064 Ian Richards got himself back on the podium again with an eight minute victory in the M70 10km Road Walk over Ludwig Niestelberger, Austria. Supported by C.724 Roger Michell, 3rd and C.1170, John Borgars 6th, the British trio’s cumulative time of 3h06.05sec got them the team gold award well clear of Italy 3.33.48sec. Ian was also 2nd overall in the M55+ race.

Ann Wheeler led the W60 team of C.986 Cath Duhig and Linda Farrow to silver medals. Without a third Age Group member, Malcolm Martin 7th and C1176 Hardeep Minhas 11th missed out on possible team medals in the M60 race. M75 finisher was C.590 Edmund Shillabeer 4th.

10km Road Walk (Men)
2 Ian Richards M70-1 0:54:01
16 Roger Michell 1:02:35 M70-3
22 Hardeep Minhas 1:05:09 M60- 11
33 John Borgars 1:09:29 M70-6
45 Edmund Shillabeer 1:15:54 M75-4

10km Road Walk (Women)
29 Catherine Duhig 1:04:06 W60-3
31 Ann Wheeler 1:05:30 W60-4,
52 Fiona Bishop 1:12:35 W55-10,
54 Angela Martin 1:13:34 W50-14

1 M70 3h06:05 (Ian Richards, Roger Michell, John Borgars)
2 W60 3h24:30 (Ann Wheeler, Catherine Duhig, Linda Farrow)
3 W40 3h14:30 (Helen Middleton, Fiona Bishop, Carolyn Derbyshire)

20km Road Walk
21 2:14:02 Catherine Duhig W60-3

2 W45 6h55:26 (Helen Middleton W55, Melanie Peddle W45, Angela Martin W50),
1 W60 7h00:5 (Catherine Duhig W60, Ann Wheeler W60, Noel Blatchford W70)

30km Road Walk
17 3:01:20 Ian Richards M70-1
37 3:32:26 Hardeep Minhas M60-6
38 3:33:30 Roger Michell M70-3

courtesy of  BMAF Summer Newsletter

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