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2nd Northern Area-2 Winter League 10km

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29 October 2017

1. C SCOTT  57.35
2. M FISHER 58.20 *
3. M YOUNG 61.12
4. D JACKSON  65.40
5. D CROMPTON 66.01
6. R JACKSON  67.59
7. M BYRNE 71.57 *
8. D COLE 73.45 *
9. A THACKER 77.10
10. D JONES 79.11 *
* Centurions

Report by Alan Brooks
A slightly better turn out at this regular venue.
Dave Jones finally turned up to collect his first prize for last year’s series, but didn’t make a great start in the handicap for this years.
That’s how it works, you see; the handicapper’s blue pencil has been at work!
The next event is somewhere in rural Cumbria, or near enough, and the organiser has been bullied into putting his own shorts on, providing he can find the place.
Next event: Dalton, North Yorks DL11 7HU Sun. 26th November

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