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Bello Gallico 100 mile

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Bello Gallico 100 mile
16th-17th December 2017

Writes Sandra Brown:
The 100 miles Bello Gallico was a tough one - loads of mud from past rain, some showers and rain on Saturday [could have been worse,] about 7,000 ft of climb, and long hours of darkness and torch work. I finished in 30h and reckon at least 20 hrs were in the dark.

My companion [a fit young Belgian man who runs and walks] kindly got his wife to email home at 50 miles/80kms to say we were fine and setting off again for second 50 miles in the other direction.
The Check Points s were every 20kms roughly. At the 100kms CP, my companion  sat down and said he was stopping - he'd been coughing a lot and looked poorly. Just before the CP, we'd passed a man and woman and the man looked in a bad way - so when they arrived at the CP, the man said this was the end for him. So ... the Belgian lady and I teamed up till the finish, and we were jointly third ladies - so we won and shared a box of craft beers [as we know, Belgium's ultimate prize is its wonderful artisan beers.
By the end, my feet were horrible, after being soaked in mud the whole way round.

Well done Sandra.

There are shorter distances on offer... more details on this event at the Legend Trails website

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