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Carl Lawton Enfield League Official 2016

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Carl Lawton Enfield League Official 2016
Published by in Centurion News ยท 16/1/2017 12:26:00

Congratulation to Centurion Carl Lawton who was awarded the Enfield League Official of the Year (2016).
Carl was presented with a magnificant trophy on Saturday, 14 January 2017.
Writes Dave Ainsworth:
Former National Champion Carl Lawton is one of the sport's greats, having earned selection for the European Games, Commonwealth Games and an IAAF World Championship. He was one of an unlucky trio who would have gained Olympic status at 50K had 1976's Montreal Games featured this event (the only Games since this event's 1932 introduction that no such race was held - the other 2 missing out being Bob Dobson & Roy Thorpe). All 3 are members of The Centurions, with Carl being an esteemed and very active Past President. When Carl qualified (Ewhurst 1983) his excellent 17.51.51 time earned him a place on that revered all-time fastest qualifiers' list.
Carl hasn't raced of late, but has certainly put much back into our sport as an official, supporter and helper. These aspects of his athletics involvement was recognised by his latest award - Enfield League Official-of-the-Year. Well done Carl, and thanks from one-and-all.

Centurion Pam Ficken was a previous winner of this award.

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