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Centurion walks around the M25

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Centurion Richard McChesney circumnavigates the M25

Richard completed his walk around the M25 (A and B roads - not the motoway!!) Sunday morning 7th May 2017.

His aim was to break the current record and complete his walk within 48 hours NON STOP.
Well he certainly did that - in an amazing 43 hours 58 minutes. The total mileage was 158 miles.
Sitting down for the first time in 44 hours. This was just before I almost fainted and had to lie down.

Richard was raising money (and importantly, awareness) for the Limbless Association. To date, the money raised through Just Giving stands at just over £1,000.

Richard is very adept as using his smartphone on the move and he posted on Facebook yesterday (in West Byfleet)
"100 miles in 25:10, a few minutes slower than I did for the 107 mile Dublin to Belfast race 2 weeks ago.
Struggled a bit through the night but have just had breakfast thanks to Andy Nuttall. Hope to start picking the pace up again now."
Richard also had a live GPS tracker with him so everyone could follow his progress.

Read Richards story...
You are probably just like me.  You have two arms and two legs.

There are thousands of people in the UK that are not as fortunate as you and I, and in 2017 I am raising money for Limbless Association, a charity that helps people who have lost one or more limbs.

On the first weekend of May 2017 I am going to walk non-stop around the outside of the M25 motorway - a distance of approximately 160 miles - to raise Money for Limbless Association and think I can do it in less than 48 hours.

By 'non-stop' I mean that I won't sit down for the entire walk.  I'll be on my feet from the time I start until I finish.  During that time you will go to sleep twice, wake up twice, have six meals, and do whatever else you do during a two day period.  And I'll be walking - one step after another - for 48 hours.

I've attempted this before.  Last year I lasted 34 hours before stopping at 1am on the second night.  After a 36 hour rest, I completed the circumnavigation of the M25 on foot - with a total time of 86 hours.

But last year I didn't achieve my goal of completing the walk non-stop, so I'm going back again.  

An amazing performance. Well done Richard. Proud of you.

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