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Date fixed for the 2012 100 miles

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The RWA 100miles race will take place in Colchester on the 22nd & 23rd September 2012

It will be hosted by our good friends Colchester Harriers and organised by the Brotherhood of Centurions (Hon Secretary, Chris Flint and Assistant Secretary, Kathy Crilley) - both experienced at race organisation!

The 100 miles is slightly later in the year than we are used to, but it has been particularly difficult to select a free weekend this year. Clashes with existing long distances races at home and abroad, not to mention the Olympic Games,  has left us with not much choice!

For those who usually compete in Roubaix - our 100miles is the week after this classic race.It cannot be avoided - it was this weekend or nothing -- it also depended on the availability of Castle Park, Colchester.

Our hosts in Colchester do give us a good deal - they provde a lot of services free of charge and we are so very grateful. Without the help and assistance of Colchester Council and notably the Parks Department - we would not be able to put on the race at all this year.

It wil be a slightly be a different course than 2010 (possibly NO hill!). The course will be laid and measured in the next couple of months and further details and the entry form will be published as soon as possible.

Once again, we hope to support Help for Heroes.
For further information contact Chris Flint or Kathy Crilley.

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