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Published by in Race News · 2/12/2016 17:15:00
Women’s 50km
The IAAF Council have approved the criteria for the women’s 50km race walk to become an official world record event, bringing athletics one step closer to complete gender equality across all its disciplines.

From 1 January 2017, the IAAF will accept the first performances equal to or less than 4:30:00 as having fulfilled all conditions for a world record (following the standard ratification process) as the inaugural women’s 50km race walk world record.

Race walk electronic detection system:
The electronic detection system project to create a definitive judging system for race walking events has now moved to the design stage with contracts signed to construct two preindustrial demonstration prototypes to detect loss of contact by race walkers. One will be used in training and another for competition. The timeline for completion of the project is 18 months.

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