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La Voie Sacree

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La Voie Sacree
Verdun - Bar le Duc, France
11 November 2017

Armistice Day in France is a public holiday and for many years there has been a race along the Voie Sacree (the Sacred Highway) between Verdun and Bar le Duc.
The race is 58km along a very scenic course which is also very emotive as it follows the route along the Western Front of the 1st World War. Whilst these days it a very nice tarmac road, you soon get to realise how hard it must have been a 100 years ago.

A few Centurions have completed the race including Kathy Crilley, Frans Leitjens and this year Christer Svensson who placed 3rd..

photo by Guy Destre

It looks as though the weather was particular horrendous this year, as photographed by Guy Destre... more photos
Don't be put off, it is one of the best races ever,, although it looks as the number of entrants has plummeted this year.
The race alternates each year between start/finish and 2018 will be a very special race as it starts in Bar le Duc and finishes in Verdun.

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