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Manx Centurions

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Manx Centurions
Published by Kathy Crilley in Centurion News ยท 30/1/2017 15:10:00

On Saturday 28 January 2017 around 50 Centurions, family and friends of Centurions met at the Woodbourne Hotel in Douglas for the inaugaral get together of British Centurions based on the Isle of Man.

This was the initiative of John Cannell and Graham Young - the first Manx walkers to qualify as Centurions. There are now around 80 Manx Centurions - many of whom graduated from the Parish Walk (85 miles).
By all accounts it was a good evening...!

from Tony Mackintosh:
Can I just say a big thanks to Graham and J.C for organising the great night at the Woody. It was amazing to see so many brothers and sisters in one room. An inspiring and awesome bunch of people. Thanks again and here's to the next one

from John William Cannell
It was an excellent night and a chance for Centurions who have never been in the same race to gather together one room.

Murray Lamden streamed a live video of the event
To watch the live steam of the Manx Centurions Inaugural Get-Together, including adverts with some of the greats of Manx long distance walking, go to the manxathletics Facebook page just after 7.45 tonight.

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