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Parish Walk 2012

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Parish Walk, Isle of Man - 2012
No less than 10 Centurions were spotted in this years Parish Walk (apologies if we missed you!)
4th    15.50.21  Richard Spenceley C.1081
8th     17.03.53  Sue Biggart C.1030 1st Lady (again!)
16th   17.51.03  Frans Leijtens C.949   
20th   17.55.25  Andrew Titley C.1038
20th   17.55.25  Chris Cale C.1050
20th   17.55.25  Eamon Harkin C1016
35th   19.06.15  Ludo Schaerlaeckens C.1058
107th  21.38.10 Selwyn Callister C1027
108th  21.36.36 Mike Gallion C1053
113th 21.48.35  Bernie Ball C.1080
117th 21.52.11  Olly Brown C789 (equal 117th with Steve Allen )
119th 21.52.30  Martjin Biesmans C1037

Competing in the 52.5 mile race (Bride Church)
13th   13.43.13  Kim Howard C1020

other Centurions competing (not sure which distance)
C954   Anthony Keale
C1056 Terry Moffat
C1043 David Chambers
There were 203 finishers in the 85 mile race with a winning time and new record of 14.42.32
The Parish Walk attracted a record number of entries of 1819 (includes all the various distances)

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