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Steyning AC’s Boxing Day

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Steyning AC’s Boxing Day 2015

Centurions occupied the first and last positions in Steyning AC’s Boxing Day 5.5 mile race at Preston Park, Brighton. Ian Richards 46.40, who qualified in 2008 as Centurion 1064 finished well clear of Dan Maskell 57.31 and Ron Penfold 58.04. Thereafter, Micky Harran 58.45, Peter Hannell 61.31, Dave Delaney 63.20, Dave Hoben 63.28 and the other Centurion who qualified in 1971 with number 464, Dave Boxhall 65.11 made up the field. Dave Boxhall dominated the ‘seventies’ ultra-distance scene; finished 2nd when qualifying and going on to win in 1972/73/74/75 and again in 1979 and 1980 - A remarkable achievement.

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