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A history of Centurions

Our archives consists of different types of material: 

  • "Old" paper records of race results, programmes, newspaper reports, letters, etc, which are deposited at the Surrey History Centre (see below). SHC now accepts digital materia as well.
  • Material which has been sent in (elctronically) recording individual memories and stories how that 100 miles happened...(some also on this website)
  • Historic race walking material released on various news and social media channels... (link to some also on this website)
  • The Centurions1911 website is also archived by the British Library as part of their digital preservation project. You can see previous iterations of this website at the BL webarchive site.[external link]
  • You can also look at previous versions of the website dating back to 2003 at the Internet archive [external link]

Original material reflecting the history of the Centurions has now been deposited at the Surrey History Centre in Woking, Surrey (27th October 2011).
Centurions are encouraged to visit the Archives and see for themselves: visit their website  Surrey History Centre
[external website] for information on how to view our archvies..

You can take a Surrey County Libraries ticket or a County Archive Research Network (CARN) card to use the collections, but if you do not have either of these, take something official as proof of ID and address, such as a driving licence or bank statement.  
It is advisable to book before you visit Surrey History Centre: Telephone 01483 518737  and quote the Centurions Accession Register number 8923 (Copy of Accession Receipt). The material will then be ready for you to view on arrival.

Centurions are encouraged to send in their memorabelia so we can keep the tradition of our extraordinary achievements alive. If you have any material which you would like to be placed in the Archive - please contact Sue Clements (Archivist) who will arrange for the material to be deposited at SHC on your behalf.

Index of material at SHC include:

  • Minute Book One
  • Minute Book Three
  • Results sheets:  1911-1987
  • Scrapbook: 1910-1964
  • Race programmes: 1988-2004
  • Centurions Handbook revised edition 2011

A full catalogue of archived items has been produced by Surrey Archives and Sue Clements.

Your story - our history

From the Archives..... Photos and stories from our History

John Fowler Dixon was the very first Centurion.
Read all about C1 in the following articles.
John Fowler Dixon - an article in two parts by Centurion Colin Young:

As part of our history, Centurions relate stories of their early races and how they reached that magic 100 miles.
If you have stories / memories you wish to share of how you achieved your Centurions "Badge of Honour" and what it means to you to be a Centurion - then please let us know.

We already have some recollections in Centurion Memories 1st Edition - personal memories from fellow Centurions who attended the Centenary Dinner in May 2011 - for more information contacct Sue Clements.
You can also inspire future Centurions by having your story published on our website. To do this, contact Kathy Crilley.
See opposite for some of your stories.

Many Centurions have achieved remarkable records, world bests, etc. We need to capture everything!
  • We start with Don Thompson - see oppposite. 
  • Records- who has achieved what and where. 


Your stories:

Centurion Memories 1st ediiton - some personal memories from Centurions who attended the Centenary Dinner in May 2011

Building a  record of our great race walkers...

from 50km  and upwards... a compilation (in progress) of who has done what..

Sadly, our memories are also of Centurions who have passed on. 
But they are not forgotten as their fellow walkers speak fondly of those who were once their friends (and opponents!)
Many recollections of daring deeds are collected together in the Obituaries page

The cover of a leaflet listing exhibits in a photographic exhibition held at the National Portrait Gallery in 1985 entitled "The Sporting Thirties".
The photo shows Tommy Richardson being fed by Alf Pope at White City in 1933


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