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Centurion Vereniging Nederland - Dutch Centurion Association (CVN)

After Lieuwe Schol, Centurion 291 became the first Dutch Centurion, more and more Dutch men and women travelled to the UK to obtain the Centurion title. Besides the British Centurions, the largest group of Centurions are the Dutch.
To stay in contact with each other and to represent the Dutch contingent of British Centurions, the Centurion Association of the Netherlands (Centurion Vereniging Nederland, C.V.N.) was founded on the 12th February 1966.

The board of the C.V.N. currently consists of chairman Gerrit de Jong, Centurion 456, Secretary Frans Leijtens, Centurion 949. and Treasurer Herwin Westraate, Centurion 1120.
The C.V.N. also has an honourary chairman, and an honourary board member, Hans Leendertse, Centurion 427. The Webmaster is Frans Leijtens, Centurion 949.

Dutch Centurions have attended many of our own Reunion Dinners over the years as well as supporting our 100 mile/24 hour races.

The C.V.N. spreads news about past and future races amongst its members, organises trips to the British races and has it's own CVN Centurion reunion each year.
The CVN also looks after the interests of Centurions not only in the Netherlands, but Belgium and surrounding countries.

CVN reunions - Reports and photos

Each year, the C.V.N. hosts a Centurion meeting  usually early December or January. During this meeting the finishers in the previous Centurion event are celebrated and Centurion certificates are handed to the new Centurions.
The meeting is also a popular opportunity to keep in touch with the other walkers, to buy some Centurion merchandise and to have a pleasant day out (usually a trip to a local museum or similar)

For many years, British Centurions (notably the Hon Secretary and Captain - but everyone is heartily welcomed) have attended the Dutch annual meeting to hand out certificate and trophies won at the British event.
(see links below to reports and photos)

    • Schokland.  Unfortunately no-one from the UK was able to attend.

News from the CVN

The Dutch publish a frequent newsletter (in Dutch) and the October issue is the first one producced electronically.
June 2017
April 2013
January 2012
October 2011 Covers the Centenary Dinner at the House of Commons and the Lingfield 100. Excellent photographs.

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