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Centurions love to spread the word about... Centurionism!

We have a website - you are looking at it right now!  We have also have a Facebook page and a Twitter account. So get posting and tweeting!

The Centurions1911 website
The website covers a multitude of topics - from the latest news, the history of Centurions1911, race reports & results to race walking rules, how to train for a 100 miles, nutriton and upcoming events...and much, much more...
popular pages are...:

More about our social media accounts...

Centurions1911 Facebook

The Centurions Face Book page is a public group which means anyone can find the the group, see who is in the group and what is posted.
Any member of the group can add another person to the group (they do not have to be a Centurion).

The Centurions hope that our Facebook group page keeps all Centurions (and aspiring Centurions) around the world in touch with like minded athletes/walkers.  
It is a good way to communicate instantly with races as they happen from spectators, supporters, etc, whether its from the Olympics, World Championships, 100 mile races and other similar races.

Social media has its good points and also its bad points!

We do ask everyone to restrict their posts to all things Centurionism, such as ...
  • Centurion events
  • individual’s Centurion race/walking activities
  • long distance events that may interest current and aspiring Centurions etc.

Centurions Twitter
We also have a Twitter account if you fancy a Tweet! Again, we ask that any comments are about Centurions, races and activities.

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