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Previous Centurion Social Walks
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2015 ‘All things Windrush’ Report and photos
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2012 Queens Diamond Jubilee Walk:60km. Report and photos

Suggestions for social walks are welcome!

Centurions Social Events  - Join us on a short walk
A couple of times a year a few Centurions, along with friends and family, embark on a much shorter walk to discover new urban areas or bits of the English countryside.

Next up is...
watch this space... our Social Secretary, Steve Kemp is busy planning the next walk.

Why social walk?
In November 2011, our Centenary year, several Centurions, took part in the Hadrians Wall walk. It was a very informal walk over a weekend and proved very to be a successful event.
And so, this was the very beginning of the Centurion Social Walks!
Since then, there have been several social walks - in various locations and of varying distances for Centurions, friends and family to meet up and enjoy a good day out.
Our original aspirations were walks of 50k...and indeed our 2012 social walk was 60km.
Since then, other walks have been very much shorter. And in the winter months - much shorter still as we need to take account of daylight hours!

Have you any favourites walks to share? Or have ideas of what would make a great social walk?
Steve Kemp is the Centurions Social Secretary/Social Walks Coordinator who will put forward suggestions for our social walks.
So do get in touch with Steve and tell him your ideas. Steve's contact details opposite.
So do keep an eye on this page for future social walks.

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